5.10.2 Program list

Users can make, edit, view, and publish the program list in the program list interface, as shown in picture 5.10-3.The simplified version can only use the form of list to present the program, and no longer provides the operation function for the single program.Some button comments on the page, as shown in table 5.10-2, can then be managed by the action button after each playlist.

picture 5.10-3

button function
Edit program button ,click to create page,user can secondary edit in the base of original program.
Preview program button ,click and turn to the program preview page,as shown in picture 5.10-4
Copy the display button and copy the current display list.
Release program button ,click and go to the program release interface as shown in the picture 5.10-5

table 5.10-2

picture 5.10-4

picture 5.10-5