5.5.3 Role management

Only the business administrator can carry on the role authorization management in the system management, as shown in picture 5.5-5, some buttons on the page function, as shown in table 5.5-2.Can add new character, click the add button, as shown in picture 5.5-6, finish the new create after input corresponding information submitted.If you want to delete, select the role, click the delete button below.If you want to modify the role information, click the edit button corresponding records. change role authorization, as shown in picture 5.5-7.If you want to view the role of information, then click on the checking button of corresponding record .

There are four default roles in the platform ,they are:business administrator, program editor, program auditors, and program sender . Program editor mainly for add material ,create the new program and edit ,create and edit the play list . The program sender can send the program which have been audited to the screen

picture 5.5- 5

button function
Role authorization button ,authorized corresponding function to the role

table 5.5-2 role authorization management button and notes

picture 5.5- 6

picture 5.5- 7