Question 1:after add the screen successfully in the screen management,why not display the screen height and width value?

Reply: pls click the button “”, open the screen control page and click :query all the parameters then will obtain the screen height and width.

Question 2: why the program and screen or material is disappear ?

Reply: First of all, you can query if there is delete record in the log management system ,if have ,then, may be you do the delete operation or others;If not, you will need to contact your organization's business administrator, probably changed the business administrator for your organization.

Question 3:Why not display the release guide selection page when release the program?

Reply: Please confirm that the program can be matched with screen, if do not match, you can add the same size drawing board in present program.

Question 4:why display the firmware update button after complete the update of firmware

Reply : u need select the completed firmware,click the update button“”in screen management.

Question 5: Why it informs you that “the user name is not existed, please register first” even you have already registered ?

Reply: From 30th, Sept, 2018, we support log in for overseas customer. Chinese website and International website are not compatible. Chinese users, please enter into: www.iledcloud.cn (The correspoinding web server IP is the same; Overseas users, please enter into: www.iledcloud.com (The corresponding web server IP is :

Question 6:why not display the program which have been successfully sending on the screen ?

Reply: First of all, please check if your et the "start time" or "stop time" when release the program ,pls check whether set the timer switch.Try to release again, if still not display, please relate this platform to find the specific reason.

Question 7:Why display blurred screen when play program?

Reply: Please check whether set the background color of the zone or material to transparent , if yes, please modified to a "quick hit", "static display", "XX shift" and "XX move", etc.If not, please relate this platform to find the specific reason.

Question 8:why the screen soon turn to dark after screen set the zone brightness?

Reply: Maybe the current time is not in the adjustable light period, the default brightness value is 1 for the controller .If you want to keep the brightness, it is recommended that you set a time to adjust the brightness, such as 0:00 brightness is 100.

Question 9:why the open screen is closed when set the screen timing power off /on?

Reply: because this time is before the timing power off/on,the controller will test the screen is closed ,if not ,then will close soon.

Question 10:Why the screen is offline when add screen?

Reply: when use the platform to add screen ,must confirm the controller is online ,or cant add successfully

Question 11:why pop up the identification code is off line after the controller is online?

Reply: Firstly ,pls check if the controller have the bar code on it,if have,pls use the bar code to add the screen.if not ,need u use the YQ software to check controller identification code then use the identification code to add screen.

Question 12:Why 6Q not display after release bulletin is on line?

Reply: only YQ and Y series can support the bulletin release。

Question 13:Why there is white stick on screen after release the bulletin from YQ3/YQ2E YQ4?

Reply: Pls confirm if u select the “transparent or not ” in the released bulletin background ,if confirm the back ground is transparent ,pls modify the background color.

Question 14. Why the screen is offline?

Reply: If the screen is off line please check the following conditions:
1)If using 3G/4G module,check if the SIM card is arrears
2)If using 3G/4G module,please check SIM card slot ,whether SIM card is pops up or the contact with the slot is poor
3)Whether the network in the area where the screen is in good condition?
4)Is there any interference source in the area where the screen is located?
5)The parameter setting of the controller might lost

Question 15. Why the image I uploaded is not support?

Reply: The image format that iLEDcloud platform support are :bmp ,jpg and png format, Some images are generated through web pages or special software, due to the coding problems, the platform can not identify it during processing. If the image is too large, it is recommended to use the image processing software to compress and then upload again.