About us

Suzhou iLEDCloud Network Technology Co., Ltd is an outdoor advertisement releasing and operating company invested by Shanghai Onbon. As a professional manufacturer and primary supplier of core control parts in LED systems, Onbon is devoted to developing high-performance LED control systems to satisfy all kinds of requirements from customers. To boom and stimulate the development of LED industry is the holy mission endowed to Onbon by the history.

As the outdoor advertisement industry grows fast recently, especially for LED screens and building display, digital new media rises aggressively. According to the newest data, the 3rd season traditional advertisement market share (television, radio, newspaper, magazine and traditional outdoor) in 2015 decreased by 5.7%, while LED outdoor advertisement increased by 15.63%. Although LED outdoor advertisement increased so fast, the industry chain has the serious abruption due to separated advertisement platform. In addition, to display advertisement on buildings and LED screens, controller cards are needed, which is Internet of Things. Different controller card manufacturers are independent, so it leads to some difficulties to release advertisement by one platform. In this situation, a demand of connecting all controller cards and screens in one platform comes. more and more people want to purchase release advertisement online with easy steps and high safety. Therefore, Suzhou iLEDCloud Network Technology Co., Ltd was founded to meet the demand.

With the investor Onbon’s rich experience in LED industry, Suzhou iLEDCloud Network Technology Co., Ltd is going to build an advertising releasing platform managing all kinds of LED controller cards and screens, to lead the digital advertisement releasing industry like a pioneer.